“-” The art of literature “Another advantage of hiring experienced bloggers is that you can see where they’ve been, see what a blog, you knew or writing can not sustain over time. A new version of Blogger may actually function things to say. Bloggers are seasoned experienced because they are still writing. The other is called ex-bloggers. New bloggers may enjoy blogging for a while, but then was taken with wanderlust of youth, and the next thing you know they are out chasing phantoms. A good experienced blogger, on the other hand, is woven into the fabric of the blogosphere, and is content to make his mark there. And because they are part of the blogosphere, are not an island; rather a constellation, or, in some cases, a galaxy. You have not hired a self-Sayer, have contracted potentially tens or hundreds, even thousands of self-Sayers.

I would say that in some cases, even have made millions of Yea-Sayers. These, of course, few and far between, but the future is likely to look very different than in the past. And if you get occasional negative chorus, tells his good fortune that you have a mechanism for free information. Your adjustments might prove far better press than the grunts that led to change. And any change in the company. Only some never learn the reasons why they should have, and suffer the consequences of their ignorance. The question is not whether.

It’s when. So when you hire someone (or a team of someones) to connect your company to the blogosphere, you may want to keep some of these points in mind. Your blog need not be literature, but there is nothing wrong with having a very well written, building the body of work related to your business. With the weather can be your greatest legacy. For surely a future Twain or Faulkner or Ogilvy in charge of these laboratories to discovery. And the world needs more jobs, not less. Choose to act, but act with caution. It’s good being first. But better be good. Dave Beckwith, a graduate of Harvard University, was named one of the 300 Internet users in 1996 and has been written on the web since 1994. He currently maintains nearly 30 blogs, including Trade Street Journal and Consultants of the idea, and is a researcher at Parker Web Developers. His writing has been compared to creative Robert Benchley and Charles Dickens.