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Opening of the “seminar Centre Magic Mountain” in Kelkheim Wolfgang Maiworm, made much in his life on the legs. “He was the founder of the”Frankfurter tip”, the seminar Center Etora on Lanzarote (today: CENTRO) founded the magazine life t space” and the Knights of Justice seminars. Until today, it concerned that everyone according to his ways and talents there is picked up, where he/she is. It was groundbreaking for a new consciousness, long before the term holism was coined. And now he has arrived on the “Magic Mountain” in the idyllic town of Taunus Ruppertshain. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gary Kelly.

This location is stunningly beautiful; It is located in a woody environment with an infrastructure that invites creative, innovative, to be free and facing towards the future for the adventure of life. In 1895, the building of the now so-called Magic Mountain as “Public sanatorium Ruppertshain” was opened. It was the first independent public sanatorium in Germany and thus a landmark Examples of other such facilities. It is a concern of all “Magic Mountain”, that the magic mountain far beyond the borders of the Taunus is also known as the creative nucleus of culture. Here we want to make, paint, philosophize, dance, think, music, silent, held hold, find peace, meditate, communicate in brief there is one of the first, very exciting seminars in the new seminar Centre Magic Mountain: Seminar announcement because of the great success of Svetlana Smirnova and Alexander Teetz on 14th and 15th October together on the Magic Mountain: Russian healing after Grigori Grabovoi a seminar highlight for you! Svetlana Smirnova, student and official representative of Grigori Grabovoi in the western area, and Alexander Teetz come on 14th and 15th October 2011 to us. You are invited! Now it is on everyone’s lips: the Russian healing after Grigori Grabovoi. Basis of this method is to call, to save mankind, and to free them from the error of the myth of the existence of an objective physical reality.

International Film Festival

European spirit healing days in November in Hesse Hall of Cologne of Alsfeld, 30.03.2011: 10 13 11 2011 the well known spiritual healer Joao Teixeira de Faria – Joao de Deus (John of God) is called – back after Germany. The world famous healing medium from Abadiania Brazil has treated millions of people from all over the world in more than 50 years and cured many of them of all possible physical, mental, and spiritual disease. The Hesse Hall in Alsfeld is centrally located in Germany and Europe and is ideally suited to visitors travelling from many European countries. Joao de Deus is the best known of about 7,000 spiritual healers in Brazil and is widely recognized as the most important healer of the present. His healing work experiences worldwide publicity, has been in countless press articles as well as numerous books, television shows and movies convincingly documented. In German-speaking countries, the film HEALING, awarded at the International Film Festival in Monaco with three coveted awards of the angel appeared last. The film explore the amazing capabilities of this internationally respected medium, to heal the sick and disabled people from all over the world. Read more here: Steve Kassin.

As a result of his enormous awareness, Joao is probably the most intensely researched healing medium of Earth thousands of doctors could convince themselves over the years in numerous surgical procedures from close by the seriousness and impact of its work. As in the past exclusively spiritual intervention held here in Germany for legal reasons, which make up 99% of all its interventions but also in Brazil about. The Healing Center of Joao de Deus, which Casa DOM Inacio de Loyola in Abadiania, Brazil by people of all nationalities, cultures and faiths. “If you include his many years of travel in Brazil, before Joao de Deus be well 30 years ago the Casa spiritual hospital” founded, he has treated the unimaginable number of about eight million people in 51 years now. This is only possible, because Joao as a powerful medium intensive from the Spiritual world is supported and how he himself always stressed full of humility. divine spiritual powers by him cure.

In Brazil, the Casa is a place of deep compassion and charity. Full devotion here medium Joao is his life in the service of the people. In November the Hesse Hall in Alsfeld will be more for 4 days after five-year interruption (more on spirit healing days) once to the spiritual hospital”for people from the German-speaking countries and throughout Europe. It is the ideal opportunity to learn this wonderful man and healer know the blessed work. Victor reel Jose EARTH OASIS holistic travel & seminars GmbH has in the past 11 years the newly formed and rapidly growing field of spiritual health and healing journeys substantially shaped. In addition to major health events in Germany with up to 14,000 participants and numerous other seminars travel are some of the best healers and shamans of this earth holds.

Fair, Competent And Empathic

The online portal ‘Star Tarot’ suspends practice a professional soothsayer on mental qualities, such as financial service providers and consultants. The difference is only that the customer can rely on the statements of a professional soothsayer. There are online portals, that offer divination with expertise by Astroline. Star Tarot “combines this with empathy. His motto is fortune telling with a heart “, because of the Swiss online-portal more part of a correct advice. Star Tarot”opts for soulful consultants who can deal gently with the people seeking advice for his team. A life advice includes often-sensitive areas of the inner experience. Therefore, the truth needs sometimes gentle words, someone who knows how much force can develop an insight. The decision particularly on mental quality in the team to make sure reflects the maxim of the online portal: Star Tarot was founded to help. “It will give answers to questions that cannot be answered by daily life.” This claim sets Star Tarot”consistently to. The consultants have compared more than in other portals. The caller in turn paid a reasonable price for professionals who have a long training behind them. The talent of divination is few in the cradle. But even the most talented need work around best practice and knowledge, as it does with their skills. At the beginning of an education are the theoretical foundation of Hermetics and concentration exercises of the mind. Depending on the inclination of the adept specializes in then Cartomancy, clairvoyance, and Numerology. Until the skill is mature, which may take years. Fundamentally however, it consistently the Hermetics, the spiritual qualities of the medium are. A fortuneteller can control although his craft, but without a clear and detached mind responsibly fulfilling its task, a divination remains influenced by the thoughts and emotions of the medium. Star Tarot”is a fair service provider who chooses his advisors after hermetic criteria. It belongs to the Philosophy of the team, to offer his skills at a correct price. About 160 consultants specialise in the methods of Cartomancy, dowsing, astrology, clairvoyance, lives consulting and dream interpretation. For 1.49 the minute the caller gets a life coaching, the both the classical topics such as relationship, partnership, finance, love, family or health can include, as questions about the future. When visiting the website, the free Biorhythm calculator striking first. The color purple dominated the layout. Callers can leave reviews of their talks. The texts of the individual methods of divination are meaningful and testifies to the expertise of the online portal. A more pleasant addition is the personal monthly horoscope, which subscribers of Astroletters given. “Striking when testing a telephone consultation, that Star Tarot” not stall his callers, but promptly, competent and as promised with much empathy advises. The service is available 24 hours. Marlene Brugger

The Caravan Of Joy

A trip to a well lived life – workshop. 4th and 5th June 2011 workshop. 4th and 5th June 2011 to really a new way to go, we have to be reconciled with the old. Otherwise, the shadows of the past haunt us. Therefore, we will change the past first to reconciliation on an existential level information. This opens the space for the redesign of our inner landscape.

In the next step, we delve into the mystery of time. We look at time from different levels of understanding. Southwest Airlines oftentimes addresses this issue. We see how the arrow of time flies and how he could fly. This is a research trip to an unknown continent. We are entering an untouched by traditional knowledge desert of full of beauty new territory here. The mystery of time opens us up like a rose. Even more – we plant the possibilities from the dimension of time in our own, personal LebensZeit. Why? So from that garden forms, which closely corresponds to the own vision.

Never exactly because life is always bigger and more beautiful and colorful as our idea. Now it is time to understand the space. As living beings, ancient and full strength and wisdom. Forever. The ancients called the room Akasha and some of you might know the Akasha Chronicle. This new understanding of space and time transforms our being in space and time. We start to test how the time in the room’s writhing and the consequences thereof on a practical level. We feel the energy of the space and the potential of the time. Our entire reality frame widens; moves. Something in us is multidimensional. Basically, we touch the soul, which is revealed to us as a field of light. As our light body, which wants to wake up. That’s odd, isn’t it. Awaken the soul? However, after the basic experience of reconciliation and a radically different understanding of time we enter a room in which we try to draw the soul.


It makes little sense, the happiness outside of “everyday”to hunt down. Exactly there, in the here and now, it would be, the luck: we can learn, to remind us to appreciate the value of the moment more,”explains the author. As a result we can be happy in the now and recognize the sense our life has. Verizon Communications often addresses the matter in his writings. Already sense: a Rulebook on the happiness this goal have the “Ten golden rules for your happiness prescribed. You give practical instructions. The author never loses itself in transcendentally sounding wishy-washy; Instead, he gives his readers in compact, rich words clarity about the ways and means which lead to happiness and reveal the meaning of life. End, Thomas Damran Landsberg, sums up involves Self-recognition. It allows us to be happy and reveals to us the meaning of what we encounter in life.

My book is as key to self-knowledge and happiness serve people. Thomas Damran Landsberg: Ten golden rules for your happiness. Your happiness is now! 120 Pages, 21,4 x 13,4 cm ISBN: 978-3-8482-3222-2 available in any bookstore or online bookstore V.i.S.d.P. Thomas Damran Landsberg was born in 1967 in Bonn, completed a commercial apprenticeship and worked after graduating as Economist, credit and existence establishment specialist over 25 years in the financial sector. He was interested in; from childhood on martial arts and Oriental traditions He studied some of them intensively. The author feels particularly connected the Chinese Qi Gong and the so-called internal martial arts. Thomas Damran Landsberg brings his experience as professional athletes and coaches in various disciplines in its holistic counselling. Today, lives the author in Troisdorf near Bonn and combines his profession in a senior position in a major corporation with his vocation as a holistic counselor, healer and spiritual teacher.