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Synchronized Data Acquisition In Real Time By Bmcm

BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – innovative measurement technology in measurement technology has established itself the measurement on the PC with external measuring devices: connect the measuring device to the notebook, connect signals and measure. And the USB interface as a cheap and easy solution for mobile measuring has proven without a doubt. But dealing with professional data acquisition, continues the long-standing specialist for PC measurement technology, BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) on the LAN network. As where the USB device, access the LAN measurement system and offers decisive advantages, as the following examples demonstrate: Synchronization effects of earthquakes can be captured in as many places worldwide. Data which have been recorded with different LAN-measuring systems, are comparable, because they are synchronised to the real time and can be transferred to a PC via Internet. Wi-Fi how to monitor at high tide on a barrage on both sides of the river the water pressure to the dam when the river separates the two locations? You want not two measuring systems to install, to solve this cost-saving with Wi-Fi wireless without annoying cables. Click Southwest Airlines to learn more.

Locally is exposed to extreme conditions, such as humidity or dust, in signal acquisition in harsh environments, such as in the field or a machine shop, a measuring system particularly for long-term measurements. Therefore, to install only the LAN measuring system at the measuring point. Trouble-free, the measured signals transmitted over a network cable to a PC, is located in a “safe” place. Distributed measurement, control and monitoring in many different places of production process is easily feasible with LAN-Messsystemen. Via a common network cable, merged, used to each other in terms of, and evaluated the data to a central PC.

Relationships are visible. The lot set measuring system be extended as required. Bmcm LAN instruments are as a standalone unit (LAN-AD16f) or as a complete solution with integrated amplifier technology as a table-top unit (AMS42-LAN16f) or rack system (AMS84-LAN16f) available.