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Opening a small shop in Houses will cost even less. Still, the lower threshold of investment in the capital sector food companies experts say 50 thousand dollars Classification Classifications many formats. For example, a trading house , recently actively developing franchise area, uses the following concepts. The largest number of "cents" works in the format "supermarket" (as it is called in the company). In the press, he is very often referred to as "soft discounter. Floor space of the store – about 700 square meters.

m. In parallel with it two years ago, an outline of the "super-department store." Now there are already four such shops, the area of each – More than 2000 square meters. m. It substantially expanded the group "nonfud" – food and related products. Also today, actively developing a format stores at petrol stations. It is planned that their area of sales area will not exceed 100 square meters. m, and range of foundation products will make impulse demand. Convenient classification format stores operating in the market of food retailing, have come up with the Italians.

According to her the first and largest format – so-called Superstore. What we call the "hypermarket". This is a huge shopping area of over 20,000 square meters. m, in which food group is not less than 50%. Of all presented at the Moscow market stores to this format corresponds to a German Marktkauf (area – 23,500 square meters. m). The following format – it's hypermarkets, such as Auchan. Their symptoms: the area – 000 sq.