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Sport Education

Although sport as field present their relative autonomy with your specific game rules, with a specific capital, its redefinition to incorporate as capital to the field of education is a necessary condition. Thus, it seems pertinent to ask how it is that occurs, circulates and distributes symbolic capital referred to sport in its pedagogical justification. An educational intentionality declarative action can be configured – as in many opportunities anything more than set forth self-referring, even deliberately presenting a speech with a density given by certain aspirations with respect to the deportista-educando subject, educational sport purposes, processes, and technology developed for this purpose.7

The practical relationship between sport and education, there is a fundamental problem: the sporting body is a product of the struggle for legitimate body and the legitimate use of the body, and in this struggle involved multiple actors and institutions (family, educators, doctors, politicians, sports journalists and market for the consumption of sports objects and in relation to the body in general). All these agents and institutions placed in the center of the fight to the body, crossing it as multiple and diverse lines of power that are deployed in a heterogeneous manner according to different instances in which the Sport takes place.8 These power lines acquired today, with respect to the body and according to a panoramic look at the social space as a whole, a character non-repressive and highly stimulating themselves: all encourage the practice of sport (albeit with different senses). The first aspect to be considered by the educator: the power is not located so homogeneous and static, since long ago, only in the State or any of its institutions; but that has multiplied in various areas of society, where the State itself emits statements contradictory with regard to the sport, according to which sector it came from. In this sense you can refer again to what Oscar Picardo said when he speaks of a socialization in sporting activity. The same thing when Dr. Daniel says that the same sports education, as a means of socialization, not part of this same position, because if so would lack a foundation in the Sciences of education and training, of pedagogy in general. Of this type, classified as traditional, such as the assimilation statement or its broader spectrum, the so-called educational teaching process. For this reason the preparation of the athlete as a learning process, requires a pedagogy according to its particularities.