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Sony Ericsson

The reality of all is that the BlackBerry had to introduce a number of features to compete but nothing as revolutionary as communicated through a unique PIN into the BlackBerry phone network. 2. Best contract: A comparison of the contracts with the iPhone 3G to give one example, we realize that BlackBerry contracts are much more affordable prices 3G iPhone's high and to top it with the sole limitation of AT & T. Such contracts is not justified and therefore, the cellular waste of desbloquedos offered for sale is a clear protest of this situation. With BlackBerry has not happened. 3.

It may be touch or not: A very interesting aspect of this is that the touch screen of the new BlackBerry models is impressive and very easy to use, but besides that you have the option to use the latest models of BlackBerry and use the keyboard QWERTY is something that you can use it according to your preference and that many people not only resist the touch screen keyboard but prefer the conventional keypad QUERTY-type which for many is still an innovation after we have been using keyboards Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson which practically had to write a letter above the other and press several times until it was unfolded the letter or number to complete a phrase or word. 4. Easier to write: BlackBerry has been much better to write as the people tend to communicate via the internal messaging system or for writing BlackBerry using the Internet browser, email and more. 5. Compatibility: BlackBerry is compatible with Microsoft Outlook is a tool used throughout the world, which does not happen if we use iPhone 3G. ormation. People often hate this lack of compatibility and BlackBerry prefer to feel much more comfortable with the mobile device. 6. The popularity it: Without the need for official figures on hand all popular intrisicamente has a viral effect and therefore the quality of equipment, their characteristics, design and other variables go into the background.

Just please think about why MTV is popular? I think the innovation is popular for the channel and the videos that are constantly passing, but also, MTV is popular because my friend likes MTV, because my cousin has a room full of posters of MTV and people I know only talks about MTV and I be a fashion I have to eat MTV. The Blackbery has been a somewhat viral product. The people are consuming the same effect of overcrowding on the many products are consumed around the world. BlackBerry is definitely a phenomenon that if today was the last day of BlackBerry on the face of the earth, would go down in history as a global phenomenon beyond the iPhone 3G but as popular as MTV or the death of Michael Jackson.