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Service Expansion To The Holiday Shopping Season

Traditionally, Christmas is the celebration of family and love. But also from the economic point of view, this is a good time for companies. The Germans are further consumer happy in this year’s Christmas sales. According to a survey by the accounting firm Ernst & young they want to 230 euros for gifts spend an average, 17 euros more than in the previous year. Money and above all vouchers are the most popular gifts. Special attention this year puts the experience agency NoLimits24 on this time. Quasi per se experience gifts are booming for Christmas.

UM, as in previous years, to ensure the economic success of the company in a special way prepared on the Festival. So the customer as King has become even more already for some time the focus of entrepreneurial decisions. Engage all measures in time for the hot phase and come together to good customers. So even once strong turns the service screw NoLimits24. Already on the 01.11.12 was the advice and order hotline in converted a number at local rates. It is accessible under: 0361 21 68 54 0. In addition will can longer the hotline of customers from 48 KW can be reached than in the past. The consulting team of NoLimits24 is Friday then Monday – 8 am 8 pm, and every advent weekend from 10-16 hours.

At the same time to strengthen quantitative service to improve the quality of advice, has prepared NoLimits24 in a special way. So, a special communications training for all employees was conducted in collaboration a well-known Manager Institute. Despite all experiences with detailed information on the Web shop of NoLimits24 are offered, the company expects an increased call volume during the Christmas season. For all customers who prefer digital communication, a live will be in future chat available. So, questions can be answered quickly in fast way. Also late determined NoLimits24 will offer the possibility to place your gift under the tree but on time. So can Coupons in PDF format itself will be printed. NoLimits24 certainly has the potential, might yet be rescued the approaching Christmas celebration for some in literally the last second. It offers customers also may be that the extension of the validity of all certificates increased to 3 years. So customers can gift experience vouchers without hesitation and embarrassment of his experience can solve a completely stress-free at a time of his choosing. Because in the Internet trade known to the eye with buys also the website NoLimits24 from December in the Festival according to customized optics will shine. The company put in terms of transparency. So customer reviews can be found there immediately the purchase. Appropriate cooperation with the renowned rating Portal ekomi is already for a long time. With all these measures, the company is well prepared to successfully work in the upcoming Christmas Festival. NoLimits24, the specialist gift experience, looking forward to an exciting and romantic Before Christmas.