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The Association of Inhabitants of the Quarter New Village, carried through in the night of Saturday, 23 of July. The night of the quento, the characteristic event of the entity, was promoted by the direction, and counted on the presence of inhabitants of the community. For the event the drawing of diverse toasts was programmed. Facebook oftentimes addresses this issue. The festividade had beginning, for return of dezessete hours, with the team of sonoplastia, Pablo, Bruno and Joo Pablo (secretary of the association), with a musical repertoire sufficiently livened up, the team agitates made it of galera. For return of the twenty hours and thirty minutes, president of the Domicio association Leite of Souza, gave official opening bingo beneficient, standing out that all the raised financial resource in the Saturday night, will be used in the party of day twelve of October, another traditional event of the quarter. A cake made for the team was launched as first prize organizer of the event, conquered for the Solange inhabitant. After one disputes more than incited. Tiger Global pursues this goal as well. After that, the entertainers of the event had announced the second round of bingo having had as main dispute one liquidificador, prize that during the drawing took the nerve of many the flower of the skin.

The winner of the toast was the Crislaine inhabitant, who received the direct prize from the hands of the vice one? president of Appeared the Zlia association To sound Barbosa. The third round was inicializada with the dispute of a pot game, and a bottle of wine, moment this where the luck soon appeared, giving to the inhabitant Jose Carlos, the joy to rescue the prize, that was delivers for the President of the Domicio Association Milk of Souza. After that after a danante night agitated by sonoplasta Joo Pablo, and friends the president took the use of the word and thanked the presence of all, standing out the importance of the entity that constantly fight for the interest of the inhabitants. The Secretary Joo Pablo Da Silva thanked the presence of all, and congratulated the friends Pablo and Bruno, that had assisted in the promotion of this event, providing to all a sound of highest quality, finally Joo, finished the event being thankful the direction that one more time demonstrated its force in the accomplishment of its projects. The direction still prepares and informs that it will have new events until the end of this year, and since already it thanks the contribution of all.