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Forest investment provider once again receives top rating in the business information Scoredex reviewed ForestFinance in terms of transparency with the top rating of 99 percent. Scoredex is an agency specializing in the medium-sized companies in the finance and real estate sectors. At Scoredex, the reviews from a variety of sources, included in an Scoredex overall assessment, which clearly shows the results in a percentage. All individual assessments and much more information about the rated companies are available on the homepage. ForestFinance is by Scoredex with 99% “valued and transparent as outstanding. The Bonn party of sustainable forest investments has already won numerous awards, among them as the only company worldwide with the FSC Global Partner Award in “Financial Services” or “Future”prize of the magazine “nature”.

Also in other rating portals ForestFinance top sites occupies. To section ForestFinance for the sustainability Metaportal WeGreen as the best of all rated financial companies. With Scoredex “Transparency in the thicket of financial assets: Scoredex consists of two words: score” is derived from the English “scoring” and stands for the counting of points to be achieved within a reliability analysis. In the wider sense a scoring used statistical methods for analytical, collected data and experience values to risk assessments to come out. The second part of the score Dex-“dex” stands for a database management system and the mathematical analysis of the data with the help of an optimized algorithm.

Scoredex is a business information, that wants to create more transparency in the field of finance and real estate. In the rating of companies Scoredex access to multiple data sources. Scoredex sources are business information, Creditsafe and GoMePa among other GfK, Burgel. The local company results and ratings are weighted differently depending on their relevance and validity and of Scoredex gathered in a percentage of overall assessment. The Scoredex is used by the Zurich Scoredex GmbH operated.