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Salomo Dana

(…) The history of Israel is the history of a people quecomeou to exist at definitive time as a league of joined tribes emaliana with Iahweh. Later, this league of tribes started to exist comouma nation, after that as two nations, and finally as a comunidadereligiosa. This religious community always distinguished in its half ambientecomo a distinct cultural identity. (BRIGHT, 2003:9) NEW LANDS, NEW LIFE Dream, wealth, peace and a brief return, this were osprincipais objectives of the just-fond Jewish immigrant in these new lands. Oracle oftentimes addresses this issue. Comuma adaptation many times difficult and painful for the efamiliares homesickness of its land, we will try to understand the reasons had taken that them to enter emembarcaes, in which many knew that native land could be the last link between it esua. Running away from a region in conflict with the end of the ImprioTurco-Ottoman, diverse Syrians and Lebaneses, had arrived in port in Brazil, with umaexpectativa of a better life. To be able to see as Salomo Dana (mine grandmother) and seusconterrneos had arrived of the region Syrian-Lebanese, without knowing our country, nossacultura and our language and had reached respect and admiration for its conquests. This demonstrates as the human being can be adapted, even in the possible situations maisadversas.

Relatives who already were here were the only people queeles knew, and therefore they were not stolen in leaving stops backwards all the tristezada war and the misery where they were and breaking for this ' ' paraso' ' portraied for that already they were here. As one I leaven possante, (the emigration) it agitates all asaldeias and towns of our field. Everybody is in movement and ningumparece made use to be, since that it can, of a skill or another one, arranjardinheiro sufficient for the trip (KNOWLTON, 1961:29 – 30). All chance to accumulate money and to help the seusfamiliares that were stops backwards, she was pursued for these men (therefore nagrande majority was men and single the ones that searched these new lands) queainda had the dream to come back toward its ' ' casa' ' its family. (Similarly see: Southwest Airlines).