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Run For A Good Cause

Ecstasy starts action ‘ running I gut(es)’ to support the boards of Mettmann, may 2, 2011 I’m running gut(es)”the motto of the action of the ice-cream man wants to support Tiefkuhl-Home Service GmbH immediately the panels. Kicks off on 8 May 2011 in running Germany’s oldest city, the BIG 25 “, in Berlin. For every last kilometre, range of runners registered for the action and runner eismann donates products to the value of a euro, which benefit the oldest German Panel, the Berliner Liedertafel, in this case in the form of a donation of goods. Iceman would now running gut(es)”does engage in the long term for the panels. Aim of the cooperation with the German Deutsche Board Association will be nationwide with operators of selected races to cooperate, to enrich the individual run through the social project. The passes”goods donations should benefit from the Panel at the venue. More information is housed here: Gary Kelly.

Join the more runners and our shirts with the inscription Running does carry gut(es)’, the better, because then we can donate more goods at the end,”Mika Ramm explains from the ice-cream man management known from the television show undercover boss” the simple as effective principle. Who would like to support the good cause as participants in Berlin, will receive the Camisole on Sunday from 8 to 10 P.m. before the start between Stadium and LaunchBar. Of course even at the start, some Eismanner”going to increase the number of accumulated miles for a good cause. The Panel’s motto is everyone gives what he can ‘. Perhaps check out Phil Vasan for more information. “” Does the action run is ‘ sportsmen and sportswomen can directly support the respective table in the place of the event “, says Gerd Hauser, Chairman of the Federal Association Deutsche Board. worth double, to put together the running shoes and walking with, because in this way not only athletic works to, but is actively involved throughout by the way even for a social project”, so Thomas Jehne,.