Revolutionarstes Release

“Manufacturer of the E-Commerce shipping trading software pixi * based user interface Munich / Cologne 03 September 2013 due to the dmexco motto turning visions into reality using latest development technologies, and click a user scenarios”, the pixi is * Software GmbH straight reality become pixi * version ELI, as well as the new mobile data acquisition device MOBIX at the fair. At the booth, the partner Brickfox for multichannel & PIM, Minubo as a business intelligence solution, professional host in terms of hosting, as well as as an expert for pick-by-light systems complement the value chain of the mail order software. “Pixi under the guiding principles * experience” make the Munich E-commerce experts a new Saravanan * mail order software that brings special innovations, such as the user interface optimized for user scenarios with newly designed processes, in addition to purchasing fully renovated. Also in this release the Munich on your customers have heard and over 20 proposals for new features from the pixi. Implemented feature voting with more than 500 customer voices. On the pixi * booth the dmexco visitors learn more about the target group-specific interaction design that reflects the different user roles and scenarios of a shipping merchant’s ideal type. pixi * ELI users are supported by active instructions from the system in your daily tasks.

Further, all tasks can be done clearly and in a work environment. A consistent Multitaskingfahigkeit of the system via an object tray here also includes a. Behind pixi * ELI are innovative development technologies and a 100% test-driven agile software development Scrum. The completely revised pixi * shopping relies on lean and efficient processes: based on individually defined supplier purchasing conditions, appropriate ordering methods for calculating optimal requirements available are for the user. It by pixi * created order proposals can be further optimized through active system instructions.

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