Raul Reyes

The FARC have just received one of the worst blows in its history. Its international spokesperson and number two died in a clash with Colombian troops on the border with Ecuador. Raul Reyes, son-in-law of Tirofijo, was a possible successor to this 72nd leader of the guerrillas more ancient and rooted in the Western hemisphere. While Bogota announced it as a great victory, Caracas and Quito have shown rejection by mobilizing his troops to the border with Colombia. Chavez wants to legalize the FARC so that this forms part of an electoral alternative or replacement. Rafael Correa craves a negotiated departure, has denounced that Colombia violated its territory and caused a massacre against people who were asleep and has expelled the Colombian Ambassador from Quito. This will generate an important dilemma within the FARC.

In recent weeks it had been releasing important personalities. Today, they prove that, in return, has failed no concession of weight and that, rather, has been removed to his Chancellor. Uribe, who feels emboldened with his high approval in the polls and the March international anti-FARC on February 4 (which mobilized a million people), you’ll want to show that death as a consolidation of its strategy and will seek to demoralize the FARC, forcing them to head down. However, its action could also radicalize guerrillas and left breaking negotiations and endangering the future of Ingrid Betancourt and other 700 prisoners of the FARC. Original author and source of the article.

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