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Quit Smoking Using Your Mobile Phone !

QuitSmokingMobile – a new, efficient and personalized method for Tobacco-Free! Unique java application qsm (QuitSmokingMobile) is a mobile program that creates an individual program the gradual elimination of nicotine addiction. This easy way to reduce the number of cigarettes! qsm alters the rhythm of your smoking and relieve you of cigarettes gradually. qsm reminds you when you can smoke and where not to smoke. t source of information. Step by Step. Hour after hour. Day after day.

qsm application helps you quit smoking gradually and easy! Features: * You will quit smoking without anguish – easily and conveniently using your mobile phone. * Ability to manage the entire process of smoking. * Effective statistics, graphs rate of smoking, reports of money spent and saved. * Ability to resume the program at any time, in every new day if the previous attempt to quit failed. * Function: 'blog' – Now you have opportunity to run their online diary, which will be stored on our server and send messages directly from your mobile phone! * Function: 'CALCULATOR' – Now you can see how many did you have for Your life, how much money is spent and how smoking shortened your life. * After each smoked cigarette application will offer to look unpleasant facts about the risks of smoking. This way we hope to help you mentally understand the dangers and risks of smoking