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Public Service Fees

Certainly no money for you so just will not give up – it is necessary to prove temporary absence of you as a consumer 3 in the occupied dwelling. The first thing you need to know – the right to recalculate arises in the case of temporary no more than 5 calendar days. Recalculation is carried out on the basis of written statements by the consumer filed within one month after the period of temporary absence of the consumer. Recalculation is performed on Based on the evidence of absence from the dwelling. They are attached to the written request of a recalculation. This should be proof of the duration of the period of temporary absence of the consumer and (Or) living with him persons permanent residence. As such, they can be given: 1. in the case of your absence for public office – a copy of travel documents or a letter of assignment; 2.

if you are sick – Help on finding treatment in hospital, 3. left somewhere – tickets (if your name is mentioned in these documents) may also be charges for accommodation, tour packages; 4. If you are registered on arrival in the internal affairs – a certificate of temporary registration of temporary residence; 5. if you live in a guarded building – help the organization carrying out protection of premises in which you were temporarily absent, 6. allowed to provide statements of the payer in the event of his stay in a place where it is impossible to present an official document, if It signed its neighbors on the floor (communal apartment), indicating that those who signed it (at least) are themselves in that period did not leave. Recalculate the fees for public services performed within 5 working days and is proportional to the number of days of temporary absence of the consumer, which is determined by the number of total days absent, not including the day of departure from their permanent place residence and upon arrival at this place. Upfront exemption from payment for the above utilities, ie nenachislenie pay for them, is allowed only in case of providing citizens an official document of the Drafted into the army, the direction of the work outside the city limits, condemnation, etc.

In this case, the document confirming the absence of a term of residence shall be the dates of departure and return. If you temporarily leave all living in an apartment citizens leaving the country must be filed with the statement that liberated in an apartment no one will live. And finally, do not be afraid to fight for their rights and for their money. In the end, if you long time no home, then why on earth would pay for something that nobody used. In such a situation, leave everything as is means just donate money to an organization that provides you utility bills.