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Professor Bryan Williams

A new device could revolutionize the monitoring of the arterial tension According to scientists, a device that can be worn as a clock could revolutionize the way in which the arterial tension in the next years will be controlled. The investigators of the University of Leicester and Singapore have developed a device to measure the tension in the greatest artery of the body. The tests indicate that it offers a reading much more needs that the traditional sleeve technology. The technology works by means of a sensor including in the clock that registers the wave of pulse of the artery, that next is introduced in a computer along with a reading of realised traditional arterial tension with a sleeve. The scientists are able, then, to read the tension near the heart, from the aorta. Professor Bryan Williams, of the department of cardiovascular sciences of the University of Leicester in the Glenfield Hospital, indicated that to the device ” he would change the way in which he has monitored himself arterial tension for more than siglo” and it hopes that the technology is used soon in specialized centers, before obtaining ” a use much more generalizado” in next the five years.