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Plan Crossed

However the majority of the firms was not projected to evolve, does not wait to reach same competitividades for itself and they are not interconnected, therefore the reorganization needs the governmental intervention, that can be carried through of three forms; one in identifying and removing the obstacles to the advance, another one that it would search to facilitate to some initiatives and changes and finally the one that would combine previous with promotion and the aiming of changes route to a consensus platform. However the level of governmental action implies in the definition of all a development form that would start to guide the actions of the economic agents, opening a vast field of possibilities, where the only one half of insertion in the new standard of development depends on the permanent necessity of renewal and innovation. The insertion of the Brazilian economy in any trajectory of growth and economic development had found great challenges in the 80 decade of and beginning of the 90, had the structural problems, where the macroeconomic politics did not obtain to control the inflation, generating instability, acceleration of the inflationary process, fiscal and financial crisis without precedents. In the search of a rearticulao of the Brazilian economy in the new world-wide scene of transformation, they had been implanted the Plan Crossed in 1986 and the Collor Plan at the beginning of 90, with the objective of a combat to the inflation, however both had failed. Years 90 had marked the attempt of insertion of the Brazilian economy in the construction context and adequacy of national institutions. But, for in such a way, the economy would be necessary to count on a stability environment, being that such was the function of the Real Plan, implanted in 1994, where the capacity to generate, to introduce and to spread out innovations started to exert basic paper for the survival of the company.