Your Home for Financial Success

Outdoor Advertising

Description of the project and its technical features. The project of manufacturing three-dimensional letters complicated by a number of reasons: 1) tc 'Your House' Kashirskoye, was one of the first projects in Moscow, using the first sandwich – panels are not factory assembly. The upper part of facade is made of waterproof plywood 10 mm thick, covered on the outside of a special plaster. Therefore, the main objective was to maximize production of light construction, otherwise it simply could not hold on so dilapidated facade. 2) Dairy acrylic glass, which would be logical to use in the manufacture of such structures is factory dimensions 2000×3000 mm, and the letter 2500h2500 mm, so the front of the letters would have to do docking between a glass that, firstly, would interfere with service design (eg, replacement of lamps), and secondly, the night would be visible gap at the docking site of acrylic glass.

Going to a meeting wishes of the customer about the ideal appearance of light letters, we decided to use instead of glass, banner fabric for the front panel. For the production of a skeleton letter, priority was given to aluminum (because of small specific gravity). Back wall of the channel letters – rolled steel sheet 2 mm thick. Skeleton – profile aluminum pipe rigidly connected to the rear wall and each other by rivets. Posterior wall served as a 'skeleton' structure and the carrier part. The upper part of the volume of letters (the one closer to the front part) is made of aluminum corners. All supporting structural members are interconnected brackets, made of aluminum sheet with a thickness of 3 mm. Aluminum sheet was first chopped at the guillotine, then the hydraulic press was put to the desired shape.

To the front of the letters chosen reinforced pvc fabric density 620 g / sq.m. and plastered translyustsentnoy vinyl film. Stretch tissue was carried out by lacing through the eyelets. At the same time on the front of the volume of letters is not 'dock' and managed to reduce their weight by replacing the letters of the glass, pvc fabric approximately 20-25 kg. Highlighting the letters performed within the fluorescent light. For smooth running lamps used compensating capacitance (capacitors). Sidewall letters – rolled aluminum, 1.5 mm thick with powder coating. The thickness of the letters of 330 mm. This thickness allows for removal of sidewall free access to further service design (eg, replacement of lamps, ballasts, etc.), letters to the front is attached with roofing screws through the back wall of letters. Delivery and installation letters took 2 days, together with the connection. As a result, in this project were satisfied with everything the customer wishes for appearance and quality construction. You can do it yourself to see this while driving along the Ring Road in the vicinity Kashirsky highway, or visit the shopping mall 'Your Home'. The total cost of all work on making the letters, delivery and installation totaled 520,000 rubles.