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Alejandrina Remigio Rock. Specialist of Second Degree in Paediatrics 3. Consulting Inter in paediatrics floral Therapist For it, Ing. Pablo Figueredo Mountain range, of the Geophysical Institute of and Astronomy, using the Kirlian camera whereupon counts (of its own manufacture), obtained, with the use of photographic film to color of 100 roasts, the images that are here and from which it would be possible to be realised an analysis of the structure and cromatismo of the same with the purpose of to compare different series and individual samples. The drops were obtained with a calibrated pipette One obtained the image electrofotografa of samples of the floral essences of Bach, Cuban and of Orchids the samples the obtained original images as well as the analysis of the structure of its area and edges, which, among others present parameters in the images could constitute a valuable tool to compare the properties of these series of floral essences. I am realised a relevanmiento of plants with the intention of elucidating if they own compounds with properties I mention protectors. Methods of extraction, isolation were used and identification.

The pharmacological effects of the extracts of the plant were evaluated, among others, OF 50, motilidad, gastrointestinal, bacterial sensitivity. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sheryl Sandberg has to say. In order to study the mechanism of action of the agents I mention protectors, use, among others compounds, indometacina and I determine the lipidic profile of the content of the plant, quantifying the linoleic, precursory acid of the araquidnico, component this one of the prostaglandins, people in charge of the gastroproteccin..