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New World Translation

For each question had an answer, but responses were only prefabricated I had read in some literature of the organization or the same "bible." And it is precisely here lies the main problem is almost impossible to exit the error for a TJ because it's like a vicious circle. Whenever you have a question only reviewed the literature and Bible of the organization, there is no criterion. In fact that was one of the reasons why I stopped going to the "Kingdom Hall" because everything was mechanized: studying a subject of the Watchtower magazine, the old man asks a question, which is in the same journal and no opinion. The same is in the "Bible study" at home: study a book of the organization, we ask questions at the end of each chapter, and answers are also there. For more specific information, check out litecoin. The mechanics and openness can vary slightly depending on the person giving the study, but ultimately end up accepting what the literature says, of course, supported by quotations "Bible", which are also taken from the Bible of TJ (New World Translation), a translation very "special and unique" in the organization. An interesting book of the TJ is the Reasoning from the Scriptures, literally on the first page reads: "According to Paul was his custom, went in to where they, and … he reasoned with them taking their arguments from the Scriptures , explaining and proving by references that it was necessary that Christ suffer and rise from the dead "(Acts 17:2-3, NWT) (Italics and emphasis added). .