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National Plan

The end of the exclusive source of resources for the basic education will be able to have consequence for the Plan of Development of Educao (PDE), that it has the basic education of quality as the priority, as well as, for the National Plan of Educao (PNE) that it has among others objective, the global rise of the level of escolaridade of the population and the improvement of the quality of I teach in all levels. Therefore, the reform tax goes to weaken the financing of the basic education, it arrives in port fragilizando it of the necessary resources for the reach of the goals and the objectives established in these plans. The PNE says that the question of the financing of the Education, is ' ' requirement for the full exercise of the citizenship, for the human development and the improvement of the quality of life of populao.' ' However this ideal is placed in xeque with the reform tax, therefore the reform can make impracticable the deep entailed resources to the social ones. The Wage-education is one of the resources managed for FNDE, representando37% of the resources of the Deep one, in 2008. The collection also has a quota that it is repassed to the states and cities. Deep the social ones had been created in a model where the reserved resources to execute certain politics were managed by advice of on the same level composition. In them, representative governmental and not-governmental they are added to follow and to fiscalize public politics.

For having resources originated in the collection of taxes or contributions especially created to feed them, these deep ones are formed by financial as profits, gross revenues, faturamentos flows, leves of payments (Rock, 2002). They have in common a relative stability in the captation of resources, leaving to depend on resources of the fiscal budget. With the reform tax, the education to start to depend on the dispute for the resources of the fiscal budget, that nor always has as priority the expenses in the social areas, fragilizando with this the future of the PDE and the PNE.