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National Institute

But without doubts, Alan Garci’a has a smaller social sensitivity of which I imagined. Recently he was spread by the National Institute of Statistic and Informtica (INEI), the data of poverty in Peru that reached in 2008 to 36.2% of the Peruvians. The poverty has been reduced of a too slow way for the needs that the population has. For worse, during this year, the poverty indicator will take a rest with his diet and it will be possible to be seen increasing before the strong deceleration of the economic growth product of international the financial crisis. Although, like I have mentioned previously in repeated opportunities, the lineamientos of economic policy that is taking ahead to the government of Alan Garci’a, they are right in obtaining that the Peruvian economy grows and is developed of maintained way, the lack of complementariness with actions that aim decidedly at the social thing puts in risk their sustainability. Definitively, the poverty in Peru can be a factor of social instability and conflicts.

But the lack of social sensitivity of the economic policy of the government is not limited poverty questions but it has affected the rights of the natives which untied a bloody conflict of unexpected proportions. Within the framework of the economic policy of the Peruvian government, Alan Garci’a issued the decree 1,090 that he establishes you rule for the handling of the forest resources and that, according to the natives affirm, grants licenses to private for the operation of 45 million hectares of wooded surfaces that belong to the State, with negative effects on the amazonian ethnic groups. The clear lack of political tact, did not allow the Peruvian government to previously agree the policy of operation of earth, and it can generate a hard reverse to him for the economic model. The lack of political waist in the handling of this problem the past triggered bloody protests Friday in Bagua (in the northwest of the country), where the demonstrators took like hostages to 38 police, according to The $andes.