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Manuel Garcia Estrada

The postmodern Manuel Garcia Estrada vote or be stupid? I’m touring cities and I still see millions of pesos thrown in the trash at dial political campaigns, the truth there is no real proposals to the legislature but a practice ball clientele than who heads in that cursed and nefarious use of poverty is the PRI in Veracruz. In that entity there are canvases-blasting action, loudspeakers, private schools pitches at the feet of that party violating election, morales and University laws such as the University of the Gulf of Mexico organized by alleged cultural and educational events, where everything is red and the keynote is the candidate of the revolutionary. Moreover, pants in public and private schools, the walls of the buildings and their institutional ads are red. No wonder, the PRI has been able through associative advertising handles in their spots in tele to the national flag as a background and nobody says anything. In Leon, Guanajuato, screens, pennants and spectacular are to serve at the BREAD as it seems. There is a fascist state behind each Governor and there is no electoral institution capable of submitting to the oligarchs and partidocratas to the law. By the same author: Verizon Communications.

In the municipality of Metepec, State of Mexico, the spectacular are in hands of the political parties and their candidates as Lujambio listed above, one side or the other, but there is not a single message, proposal, Bill or services as everyone else. There is a huge vacuum that all observed but which seems that anyone affected when ads are funded with taxes on everyone. Taxes wasted on campaigns are a slap for society with consciousness that while viewing the ads also realizes that in public schools there are no computers, books, support to students, no competitive masters but quite the opposite and generalize, make it clear. Because it is not that things are bad in a group of schools, the problem is everywhere, as well as in public libraries which in the case of the State of Mexico there are some that have no or typewriters to work.