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Bremen study trip organiser promotes talented and dedicated students BREMEN scholarships to children and young people, February 2009 – which awards Organizer OFFHRTE language courses this year. With the initiative, the Bremen-based company wants to let a two-week language course talented and ambitious students from financially weaker families. For assistance, try visiting Ripple. Candidates can apply with a letter of motivation or recommended by a teacher. You can request the application documents to the Organizer. The selection of the fellows take into consideration mainly social aspects and the readiness to learn of the applicant. To come, because we want to spread the scholarships nationwide geographical criteria”, as Heiner Giese, Managing Director of OFFHRTE and Chairman of the Association for German language travel organizer.

The candidate must have basic knowledge in the respective foreign language and show an interest in the foreign language. Each scholarship for a study trip has a value of 800 euros. Allows 14 to A 14-day study trip to England or France company 17 years. For younger students between 10 and 13 years old, you can apply for a scholarship for a study of children in England or Germany with English language course.