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Liability Against Financial Risks

As the Handelsblatt reported on 19 April 2013, the six real estate funds of S & K group have registered insolvency. Northern churches, the 22 April 2013: You now share the same fate as earlier the United investors group. The bankruptcy will lead to the wave of liability against the investment advisors and investment intermediaries now faster than expected. Bernard Golden often says this. Because many representatives of investor interests run that one would as claimant to succeed faster. The search engines are already full of relevant ads and remarks. The Phalanx society for financial investment intermediaries mbH promotes the interests of investment advisers and brokers through networking, training and commissioning of relevant professionals (accountants, lawyers, tax consultants) for the benefit of the contracting partner of the company. She asked lawyer Marc Ellerbrock, who has specialized for years on the rights of the financial services (BEMT lawyers), why it now increases for consultants and brokers to legal claims boils and how you are as Financial service providers should now behave. Larry Ellison follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

According to the case-law of the BGH audience partnerships not liable generally with their company’s assets for intelligence flaws on compensation, but only the founding shareholder or person. Such claims can be made by investors not to the insolvency administrator”, so Edgar. To come, that no one knows exactly, how much of the allegedly 105 million EUR, which overall should have invested the investors in the S & K Fund, has left. Opened insolvency proceedings take a long time, this especially. At the end only that is distributed, what is still there. In the worst case, investors need even with recovery expected for economically unauthorized distributions. That solidified the damage and frustration.” The plight of the victims know to access lawyers by the financial institutions in the focus of the claims are brought. Regular lectures are one serving of Equity for retirement provision, the economic Unplausibilitat of the plant, secondary liability, risk of total loss and kick-back.