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Jaboato Rock

Moreover, still of acordocom illustrious visitors, the ermida one if was similar to a ortaleza, that protegiaos people from de state of espirito santo of the evil. The ortaleza aspect also meets gift already since the workmanship deFrei Vicente of Salvador. It sends to the words of the donee Francisco to deAguiar Coutinho, that would have said to the king that it possua ' ' a ortaleza nabarra of its captainship that defended it to it (…), and that this ermida age of NossSenhora of the Penha that there est' ' 3. Fortifying imaginary the religious one of the convent, a legend of century XVII nosconta that the place, to the being invaded for dutches who attacked litoralcapixaba, was transformed into a castle, surrounded of pordiversos walls, and protege soldiers. The miracle is prominence in history in question. Descritopor Jaboato and gift in the book the Convent of Ours Lady of the doEsprito Penha Saint, the Frei Baslio and also the name of the founder of the convent, Pedropalcios asua church. In the studied case, she was the Virgin who assumed the rock idea: as regio of air is ellevado, when the winds if enrage, trembles all, porm never cahe, nemcahira: because the alive rock, that he Santissima Maria, & the great Senhoradaquella supports it to Caza with amazement, & admiration of all the ones that allichega. (…) The heading of the penha, that we must understand it inspired the mesmSenhora to it; showing to it its in service worshipper to it aquella so notable, where ellaquiz to be venerated. That as he of firm, quiz rock on aquella penha, if he lhelevantasse, & its Sanctuary established aquelle. 7 This devotion, initiated for the devotion of a European saint, assumed a local carterto that if became independent of its old origin, becoming thus umimportante element of the formation of the person from de state of espirito santo people, who until today venerates the saint eseu sanctuary.