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Since the intuition and the intuitivo knowledge apply it the vision spiritual, and have a restriction where if it must treat them as a formal intuition, already the material intuition says respect to a supply-sensible fact, and this is called intuition in the strict and proper direction. The material intuition it can be of some types, therefore it is based on the psychic structure of the be-human being, who in turn possesss three basic powers (to think, to feel, to want), that they make reference with the different orientaes of the psychic life of the be-human being. Larry Ellison gathered all the information. Of this form, the rational intuition must be understood, that if deals with the agreement; the emotional one, that one is about the feeling; the volitional one, that one is about the will. In these three cases, the immediate apprehension of the object must be express for the word ' ' viso' '. How much to objects, these possess in the same way, three elements: to be-thus (essentia), that it corresponds with the rational intuition; to be-there (existentia), that it corresponds with the volitional intuition; the have-value, that corresponds with the emotional one.

Plato was the first one to deal with the intuition in the strict direction, affirming that the ideas perceived for the reason are seen first by the spirit. One is about a material intuition, therefore what it is seen if it deals with material data. Beyond of this, this intuition is rational, therefore it points with respect to a theoretical and intellectual activity. Already in Plotino, in the place of the vision of the ideas, the vision of nos enters, that if it deals with an intellectual activity, but beyond nos, exists an immediate intuition joins of it (bigger principle of reality). Plotino speaks on the contemplation of the holy ghost, where sample that the contemplation of God is not purely rational, but if bases on emotional elements, that is, it is a mstica vision of God.