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3. Subscriber lists: It is always good to have landing pages with forms capture with an autoresponder, or insert these same forms on your blogs, offering something in return, so you can save emails from people interested in what you offer, as it may be that when you do not buy anything, but you stay with your emails and your permission to send emails, and therefore you tracking them, sending sales letters scheduled, thus increasing the chances that you buy or joining you. In addition, every time your list will be bigger, and when you launch a new product, business, or a new promotion, the bigger your list, you will have more chances that someone will buy or to affiliate with you, and best of all, is that all this can be automated through the autoresponder and pay per click advertising. Basically, these three things daily work, enabled me, I write in my blog, interacted with other people through social networks, I think good relationships work on promoting my blog, upload videos, pay for my advertising landing pages, forms capture put on my blogs, among other things, obtaining this way to grow in knowledge, grow in the presence on the Internet, grow my list subscribers, and my work is no longer consuming nothing but on the contrary, I enjoy it a lot. We must also add to this the work of answering emails from interested prospects or my affiliates, or contact them by some other means, to answer questions or help with any problems.

What it does, it no longer waste my time answering questions or insults children of people who do not buy me anything, nor affiliated with me, in fact this system can filter these people rather than just make you waste time, or who join and never do anything. Basically these are the three keys to my work system, not be the final say, it may be that someone is working in other ways and is having results, it may be that over time have to change something or add something, but now is what is giving me results, though of course these keys can encompass many things, so probably I will write future articles on each of them separately, deepening a little more in them.