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Question two identified the company where these professionals act. The names of the same ones will not be divulged, for confidential questions, however all are rendering companies of services of logistic, importation, exportation and transporters who englobam different the modal ones of transport. The area of performance of the professionals who had answered the research was the questioning of question 3, that it is displayed in Graph 3. Graph 3: Area of performance of the professionals Source: The author the percentile greater, how much to the area of performance of the professionals, it was the advertising, with 38%; the logistic International, 24%; the maritime importation and the operational part of the department of logistic both, with 14% each; remaining 10% for international the air cargo area. Read more here: Ron O’Hanley. The time that each professional works in its area of performance was the question of question 4, whose resulted they are displayed in Graph 4. Graph 4: Time of work in the area Source: The author From these results, can be observed that great part, that is, 57% of the professionals of the logistic International already works more than has 5 years in the area; 19% act in the branch enter the 3 5 years; others 24% are inserted in this market have less than 3 years.

The objective of some questions is to identify the contact of the professional with the English language in some questions. In question 5, the boarding was the accomplishment or not of international trips. The percentage was of 71% of that they do not carry through international trips and 29% of that they reponderam affirmatively. The professional who answered this positive procedural question, would have to describe the frequency of the accomplishments of these trips, and the results had been the following ones: – 50% a time to the year – 33% 2 times to year – 17% 5 times or more per year.