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In Blanyai time ago that these are used models of Intel and new market has seen the latest in technology to clone builders; We speak of technology mini-itx (those tiny computers of scarce measures that surely given prices that have, will and a gap in the history of the clone computer shortly). The advantages with regard to models all in one of the big brands, is that they are computers assembled to measure and not in a production line. Given that currently the big brands only assembled their machines with Atom processors, with tailor-made Assembly service could exist the possibility of expansion of the computer if it stays short in terms of performance and greater ease when it comes to repair it. With the extensive catalog of confidence and high performance products, Blanyai offers professional services that provide customers added value and a more intelligent way to increase their sales and their competitiveness. ied view. For more informacion:blanyai Servicios Informaticos, Dove slcalle, 10, Low A28019 MadridTel.: 914280919E-mail:: about BlanyaiBLANYAI is an innovative and efficient company fruit of years of experience and dedication, reflected in his team and the quality of both its products and personalized service to its customers. Company dedicated to manufacture tailored to desktops, laptops and servers, as well as the distribution of consumables both original and compatible, commercializing next generation products. In Blanyai they bring together services and distribution to offer a serious benchmark in the domestic computer market, saving time and money to its customers offering them the possibility to centralize their computing purchases. Blanyai, is a wholesaler of laptops and computer science, synonymous with versatility, experience and quality, a company that has become a computer wholesaler and distributor of computer and consumable components of reference in the market with a permanent stock of all its products thanks to their customers..

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