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Integral Man

It clarifies that ‘ ‘ The favour of the pardon is not forada’ ‘ , that is, it must come inside of of the soul human being, as a flower to unclasp bringing its slightness and has perfumed to all, igualitariamente. ‘ ‘ It blesses to who of and who recebe.’ ‘ We believe that the benefited greater will be that one that to grant the pardon, therefore removes of itself all cause of anguish and affliction that would compress its soul, causing to it unnecessary pain and suffering.

‘ ‘ It is stronger than the force: it provides the monarch best who one coroa’ ‘. The pardon does not repay the use of the force with the force, as an attribute of the wounded pride, ‘ ‘ But the pardon surpasses this imponncia, Is an attribute that belongs the Deus’ ‘. The pardon is a force very bigger spiritual that any secular and secular force, with finite and limited duration. ‘ ‘ the land to be able if makes the holy ghost, When, to the mercy, it is bent over to justia.’ ‘ We believe that Divine Justice is responsible for the law of cause and effect, leading to receive us it as to act with our next one. We are responsible for the evil that to carry through, being that in agreement the law of cause and effect, we will be .causing of our proper misfortune, if to tread the way of the offence and he replies of it; or, we can freeing in them of mooring cables of the hatred and the suffering, if granting ‘ ‘ THE FAVOUR OF THE PERDO’ ‘.

Finishing, we can affirm that Shakespeare was a soul that without adentrar the religious vises and positionings, nailed the doctrine of the Integral Man, who if finds involved for the force of the Kosmos. 1? Kosmos: of the old Greek , transl. ksmos, ‘ ‘ ordem’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ organizao’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ beleza’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ harmonia’ ‘) it is a term that assigns the universe in its set, all the universal structure in its totality, since the microcosm to macrocosmo. Cosmo is the totality of all the things of this Universe commanded, since the stars, until subatmicas particles. It can be studied in Cosmology. The astronomer Carl Sagan defines the term the cosmos as being ‘ ‘ everything what already he was, everything what he is and everything that will be.