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Important Financial Tips

If you do everything right in planning your retirement funding, have later enough money and can look forward to the time after work worry-free. The VZ experts have put together the most important tips for you, from which you benefit financially the most. Tip 1: make a solid financial plan places your anticipated expenses the income in retirement to. In this way, discover a possible financial bottleneck or get the certainty, until in old age financial security to be provided, your financial plan is based on realistic assumptions. This especially applies to the return on your investments, which significantly influenced the development of your assets and the amount of your income. And consider the inflation, which is the cost of living often stronger than expected rise in spending. Tip 2: secure your income if you have to live after retirement of your wealth, you should choose a cautious investment strategy for your savings.

A more interesting way is the stage strategy: you live of your assets, but without consuming it. so always have a liquidity reserve and you can inherit your assets later. You can learn more about the stage strategy from the new data sheet. Tip 3: check your private insurance: as pension or capital related? Your choice affects the amount and your income security after retirement. And it has far-reaching consequences for your financial flexibility, your tax burden, and the protection of your family. Ask for advice at this extremely important decision by an independent expert.

Tip 4: check for premature retirement pension cuts when start your pensions before the statutory retirement age, this has a lifetime reduction result, i.e. 0.3 per cent per month. You go so instead of 67 with 63 years in retirement, you must come out with 14.4 percent less pension. Therefore check what alternatives you have. Tip adjust your estate 5: Your wealth is divided after the death according to the statutory guidelines, your spouse device under certain circumstances in financial distress because he must pay off the remaining heirs. With a testament or marriage contract, you can ensure that your assets will be distributed so as you want it. Tip: Make sure that your assets for the future is properly loaded. Until 10 may, benefit from our depot-check action: VZ independent experts analyze your investments and show you whether to take high risks, how to improve the rate of return and pay less bank charges.