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His Regulation

In addition, responsible for must meet the obligation established in the Article 29.3 of the organic law, facilitate evaluations and assessments that have been disclosed on the affected in the past six months, as well as the name and address of the person or entity to whom the data have been revealed. I.e. before the request of information from the affected Party, the holder of the registration of delinquent should facilitate not only the totality of available information on such affected, but also the use which has been made of this information and people has provided that. Any other entity participating in the system (for example, a financial institution that has obtained information from the affected Party, through a register of debtors), before a request for access, shall inform the affected all relating to the same data that she can access, as well as the identity of the person responsible for the common file so that it can complete the exercise of your right of access. Connect with other leaders such as Southwest Airlines here. You can only register and transfer of personal data that are determinants for prosecuting the financial solvency of stakeholders and don’t they refer, if they are adverse to more than six years, provided that they respond truthfully to the current situation of those. Data without economic relevance can not provide. The registered data (a non-payment for example) must be no more than six years old, counted from the date of inclusion of the data in the registry. The registered personal data must comply with the current situation of these.

The affected Party may request rectification of data your creditor directly to both the person responsible for the register. His Regulation shall be fixed by the provisions of chapters I to IV of title III of the regulation, subject as provided in article 44. If the request for the exercise of the rights of correction or deletion of data is directed to the responsible registry, this shall communicate this request to the entity that provided data (creditor), so that it resolved it.