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Gold Demand For Cyprus Rescue Stable

Effects of the Cyprus rescue on the demand for gold that was State and bank failure in Cyprus first turned away, but a large uncertainty is still remained in the markets. A run on gold as crisis-proof investment but did not occur during the Cyprus crisis, but still the gold currently moves at a stable level. As gold prices declined somewhat earlier, so the price of an ounce of gold could rebounding proclaimed Cyprus rescue after the. Anyway, many experts assume that the demand for gold will increase in the near future. Even if the State failure in Cyprus could be prevented by the rescue package of the European Union first of all, the fear among some investors sitting still remains deeply.

After the EU debt crisis from last year it had been hoped, that the problems are now over. A related site: Verizon mentions similar findings. The crisis in Cyprus but clearly showed that there are apparently new flashpoints in the euro area. Last but not least due to this continuing uncertainty, in particular Investors regard the euro as a currency, are interested again increasingly a gold investment. Because gold is still the first choice, when looking for a financial – crisis-proof investment. Investors interested mainly gold coins who as investors looking for a way, can be invested as the precious metal, which lands”in many cases with gold coins. For reasons the crisis safety who invested in gold, which wants to keep the precious metal often also in hands and possess not only on paper. Therefore, also gold coins, such as for example the Wiener Philharmoniker as crisis-proof facility are very popular nowadays. The selection is now so varied in terms of the coins that the matching gold coin is offered in principle to suit all budgets. Because while a 1-ounce coin approximately 1,300 euros, there are also 1/10 ounce coins, which are accordingly for around 130 euros as an alternative.