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Gasset Philosophy

JUAN DAVID GARCiA BACCA (1901-1992) the Royal conscience of truth is the sentimental consciousness; and it would be more correct to say that conscience is feeling, because sentiment is essentially a feel. Spanish philosophical instinct, of village – not the theologians who did not but keep philosophizing – classic Greek type, invented these wonderful phrases of the Celestina, which are all a real science program: criterion metaphysical to know when we are and how much we are. Juan David Garcia Bacca. VOICE with own philosophy the philosophical works of Garcia Bacca are written in such a way that it is not known to most admire in them, if the depth of the thought or the sonota’s lifestyle. And in that it does not only follow the path of other Spanish thinkers like Ortega y Gasset, Gaos and Zubiri, whose prose are literary models.

Juan David Garcia Bacca is, without doubt, one of mentality most outstanding Spanish exile, he started being interested in problems of logic and philosophy of science until the end in a very personal philosophical elaboration where is giving reason for the current world transformed by science, industrial technology and the economy. Another exile, philosopher like him, Jose Gaos, has said of it: A knowledge that extends from the classical languages and the main alive to more recent, from theology to the entire rest of the philosophy and high mathematics and physics. A sense of literature and art which is often incompatible with the talent needed to reach possess knowledge as the finish of mind. Spanish birth, though naturalized Venezuelan, is man of full dedication to the letters, especially to philosophy. However, in his book stabilized natural metaphysics and metaphysical issues spontaneous, culminates his concern and care by science. Based on the experience of reality, this work assumes a knowledge of all modern science under an original point of view and within the most demanding scientific rigor.