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Focal Point

It watches my example: He was very disorganized. The acceptance. It is that it hated to govern me by a calendar or specific schedules. But acceptance that this did not help me in my business because, if I do not know towards where I go, I finish less in any place in the one than I want. Therefore, I did inventory of all the activities that did during the day and in all the week.

God mine! What drip I found! How long I have lost making things that nor sometimes they had to do with my business (what you say of the interruptions by the family and the friendships to me). Before, using the example of my next Course in House, it wrote 2 pages to the day. Now I write 10 daily pages and my first Course in House for you will be ready more express thanks to the planning. 3. To begin Today To make Things that For Brian Tracy that has not been saying to us we can make things today as to create new habits (bad and the good ones are learned), to learn new skills, to begin new projects or activities or to change the total approach of your business or your life.

It watches my example: I was born in a full home of physical and sexual abuses and grew looking for the approval of others for everything what wanted to do. If it wished to begin something, although in my heart something would say to me that yes, first it looked for the opinion of others. Now I have taken new ways and I have learned new habits like writing Every day in my Course in House without waiting for the approval of others. What things you can begin today without thinking about what will say? What new habits you need to begin today that they will help you enormously in your personal and professional life? Escrbelo in a paper and begins Today. And finally 4. To stop Making Certain Things Brian Tracy says to us that we can pause to evaluate our life with new eyes. Of we can there decide to eliminate activities or behaviors that no longer ARE consistent and so you want and towards where you wish to arrive. It watches my example: I have always been enterprising. Ever since I proved the field of the sales, I realized of which it enchants to me to be the owner of my destiny. Nevertheless For being owners of our own businesses, sometimes we left for morning which we can do today. Nobody watches us. Nobody us regaa. What we do not know is that we ourself we took leave whenever we decided to make the things when we want. Now that my business grows, that my income they grow to fast steps and that I enjoy one better life, I pause and I contemplate where I am and towards where I want to go. I have eliminated and stopped all thing that does not help me in my personal and professional life (it is not easy to create new habits, but it can). And if I can, who come without studies and was born in an undergone home, what you cannot make to reach all dreams? Recommended resource: The new book of Brian Tracy, Focal Point Verified System To simplify your Life, To duplicate your Productivity and To obtain All Goals (lamentably, it is in English). I go!