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Fixed Income High

Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo commodities agriculturists is with light high in the prices of the maize, coffee, soy and wheat, with the retaken one of exportations for supplying of the international supplies, but the climate of estiagem in the regions South and in the State of the Mato Grosso of the South, it harmed part of the harvest, with production projections 134,6 million tons of grains foreseen for this year. The Bunge Group, intends to be one of the 3 processing greaters of sugar cane-of-sugar and alcohol for the next decade, the company is also announcing a series of investments to conquer and to extend its slice in the Brazilian food domestic market. According to Minister of Agriculture Reinhold Stephanes announced increase of the area cultivated in the 0,9% country, that he will guarantee the internal supplying of foodstuffs, as the increase of the production of rice, beans, wheat and maize. The market of interests in the long run, with expiration in January of 2010, points 10,99% taxes, this sample clearly pressure that will be made for the reduction of tax SELIC, that today is in 12,75%, with projections of fall in the next meetings to the COPOM (Committee of Monetary Politics). Papers of Vale and Petrobra’s will have gradual return of values, as well as in elapsing of the year. It will in the long run have a recovery in the price of action with rescue, 2010 and 2011, in short term the actions of the electric sector are with high search. The oscillations in the Brazilian stock market had diminished, but the economic impacts in U.S.A.

are uncertain, what it can provoke some exaggerations in 2009. The Fixed Income, the Public Saving and Papers are interesting for investments at the moment. It looks mixing wallet of investments. The dollar goes to vary, as the oscillations of the stock market in the world, high in the stock markets of the Europe, fall of the dollar and vice versa, are not a good option of investments. The gold became interesting, but the bureaucracy and the high charged taxes make it difficult the access to this type of investment. The prices in the attacked one with fall of 0,33% in January and 0.82% in December, already the light retail with high provoked by the changeable education with increase of 0,83% in January of 2009. The taxes of interests in fall bring more monetary relief in the next months.

The public sector withholds 40% of offers of credit in Brazil, therefore, the responsible administration on the part of the government, mainly in the question of conservation of the job and reduction of the interests charged in the system, as spread bank clerk, can stimulate the economy from the next months. The volume of unemployment in January and February is very high and will scare the best optimists, but the return the acts of contract happen from the next month. Some companies are studying strategies of terceirizada financial management, of which, the private banks are the interested greaters, for being plus an operational prescription chance. She will have great search for competent professionals in the area of finances for all Index of Prices to the Ample Consumer