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Financial Expectations

The Munich-based broker pool Announces net profit Munich, 08.08.2013 – 2012 Fund financial Broker service GmbH exceeded expectations in the financial year. Has the overall performance with EUR 103.3 million (py EUR 109.3 million) exceeded the attached self mark of 100 million euros for the second time in a row. The result from ordinary activities lies with 7.2 million euro (VJ. 10.1 million euro) as well as the profit for the year (EAT) with 4.7 million euro (VJ. 6.5 million euro) significantly higher than planned. Equity of Fund financial rises to EUR 13.7 million (previous year EUR 11.5 million). Financial the Fund has achieved a disproportionately good business result 2012 despite the difficult market environment in the fiscal year. We have added sick especially in the Division through the capping of commissions and the extension of the period of cancellation liability with a considerable impact on the turnover and profit”, explained Tim Broning, Member of the Executive Board and responsible for corporate development and finance.

Million euro can generate (previous year: EUR 107.4 million). Equity again increases: financial broker pool with solid foundation the profit flows to a large extent in the equity capital of the company, which now includes 13.7 million euro. Financial achieved the Fund an equity ratio of 26.8%. We now have one of the largest capital reserves in the swimming pool market. That provides enormous additional collateral our sales partners,”explains Tim Broning.

Very pleased the two managing directors of the Fund financial broker GmbH, Norbert Porazik and Markus Kiener looking back, 2012 fiscal year. We have beaten us extremely well in a very difficult market environment”, says Norbert Porazik. The year was marked by extensive regulations and unsettled market participants. Declining revenues resulting primarily from these external influences and the ongoing financial and currency crisis. We have factored the sales decline in the Division of health at an early stage and the Oriented companies affiliated so that other sectors can compensate for this.