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Financial Crisis

The whole world is groaning, the entire world into depression and is in a financial crisis. Psychologists, economists, financial experts advise how to live this time, how to save storage, how to become richer. The abundance of advertising simply have nowhere to go and we want to make sure that banks do not have money in the streets and just see their banners. So let them go to their forest policies, albeit awash with their dollars. We just begin to create, to start creating and beauty around us, save our health, our souls, our wallets, maybe they will join. I call to start to do when you are fired, when you have no money when you're just bad at heart. After all, there is one very good rule in life: "All that is done, is done to the better.

" I'm telling you the reader to look around and look at things differently, to see how the artist, to see how the creator. I invite you to see new things, give your things a second life. Start playing the game alone, with his girlfriend, with his family. Click Larry Ellison to learn more. Find old things that are long do you lie, you wanted to throw them a long time, but always forgot &;. Take them in hand, twisted, touched, let imagination.

Invent, create picture, create a sculpture device thing. Will talk about the pictures, but maybe you do not just painting and sculpture, something new, simple and ingenious. And so we climb into the closet, the office, I think you have. We get our glue, stationery knife, scissors, pencils, pens. Go ahead, sewing kit (I think they all have), take the thread, there may still sparkles and will, take away everything yourself, we will need them, say – are stars on the future of your picture. We need more fabric, any, multi-colored, monochrome all amiss. By the way reserves by another fanerkoy, it will be our foundation. And they began. First sitting, and rolling his eyes at the ceiling look. Do not just look and dream. To do this, that come up, I want the sky blue. Please and fanerku superimpose a blue cloth. I want a butterfly, come on, and cut fabric butterfly, no, maybe a bird, a tree can. So much can be done to cut. Attach a butterfly pin, now in her head and she is alive. A butterfly, where they live, correctly in the meadows and fields. Let it be a flower, not just a flower, and vermillion. Cut petals, laying them in bud and at the base sew or glue, as anyone comfortable. You can find the green wire and make it into the stem. From the old leather cut bird of different colors to make better, lighter body and wings through the dark. Let them frolic in the sun. Sun can be made of bright yellow boxes of chocolates. Let us feel like children, begin to think, to look for new items will fill the new smyslom.Vot so we may see a picture and when friends come to you, believe me, they will appreciate, because you have created, and what has been created by the hands, always deserves respect. And you will feel satisfaction and believe in themselves and with each new picture, you will stay, joy, skill, and someone decides to buy your picture! The article was written with the aim to lift your spirit with the reader. See well, to see positive and create. It helped me get out of bad moods, feel better. I hope that you will help my art therapy.