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Fifth Part

The other day listening to David Icke I checked something that had escaped to the hands in his talk and I chose to write down it. This small cluelessness was when he commented that the famous elite was composed of very few human beings who wished to Gaia control before a humanity that was immensely greater number of people. That is true. Visit website might disagree with that approach. But, anyone has raised is that only a few few cannot assemble the guirigay running against humanity?. The truth is that if we look at it from a pragmatic perspective and practice and executing, a few may not capture all a Machiavellian plan that affects all countries of the world. You need allies, armies and much unconsciousness, especially the latter. But what I wish to inform you with this momentous and important question is, you go beyond your ordinary mind and reflexioneis about who planned so fast and so coordinated and well structured covenants to be executed from all corners of the world. Think more is needed a plan regular and human to run everything that is running synchronously and appropriated.

50 human Illuminati can not invent or plan an overall implementation against human development and evolution. We need a broader global perspective and much more known than usual is needed stellar and original knowledge to manipulate someone (in this case humans) and submit it to a will that has previously made a profound and exhaustive study of the especie(osea, nosotros). In reality, strongly working from other dimensions less subtle and more dense. In this case, the reptilians are those who planned and give orders lethal and dictatorial to those wishing a more upward position and their plans are executed by the elite and their armies sleeping almost effortlessly, due to holographic manipulation and VIBRATIONAL quantum field which surrounds them or surrounds us. This idea is that truly can be scary at first.