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FIFA 2008

The most popular game – fifa 2008. Strategy games (strategy). In these games, we construct a base point, we strengthen it, stamping the troops and make a map of your opponent. This principle of the game in this java strategies in real time. Also there is a different step by step strategy in which you have the time to make the base and the army, and then complete your turn, and look what makes a computer. Champion of turn-based strategy Heroes of Might and Magic. Three-dimensional game (3D-games). Included are games of different sections, which are united by only one sign – three-dimensional images.

Three-dimensional games on a cell phone still remain exotics, which is run not on all models of mobile phones in connection with their modest computing power. Known game of this genre Carmageddon 3D. Economic (economic games). In this genre you make money for the sake of earning money. To add some fun this action production of virtual money, programmers are often added to these various mini-game arcade. Action, Adventure (shooter, action).

These can be transferred all the games with elements of firing, and shooting with elements blockbuster. Come and palim of all stems in all that we are moving. Allies in these genres of games not at all. One of the most famous Alien Shooter. Erotic (erotic games). Eroticism has always been and will occupy a leading position in the charts of toys for Cell. Need to contemplate nudes unwaveringly. By erotic games include games of various genres in which there is a naked girl's body, and often several. Popular games in this genre – 1001 night. Java application and java book (java programs, books) do not apply to games, but also in demand. Books in java format takes up much less memory than a similar volume of text in an ordinary text file. Applications are programs that are needed for training, Fun with background, etc. Old There is also a rather interesting classification of java games on the number of players. In cell phones with bluetooth can also play along with a few people, players, both on network computers. This genre is called Network games.