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Federal Republic

Free hotspot and IT-service Sneha k provide free Internet access in the North who is travelling abroad finds that you have easy access to the Internet in cities and other frequented locations. In Germany, it lags behind the development, or you can find a hotspot access is associated with high costs and requirements. The IT service Sneha k wants to do something about it, and has installed a free hotspot. In the immediate vicinity of the Burgerweide 6 in Lubeck, prospective customers can not only free surf, you can check from the advantages of an own free hotspots. The presence, rapidly expanded due to the great interest.

Hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, plazas, municipal facilities, camping and places where people must reside or wait and want to use their time sense are the target group for this. operates 4,000 HotSpot locations – in 18 European countries the largest network for the free use of Wi-Fi services in Europe. After a short advertising message, the user access to the Internet and can surf or check mail. This service integrates customer and guests and increases the attractiveness, as well as the image of the hot-spot operator, regardless of whether in the restaurant or in the sale. Free hotspot provides the necessary infrastructure, including the necessary router, the software and the statutory data retention. Through the calculated advertising operator can be offered a wireless service for the lowest price the HotSpot.

Different packages offer additional benefits, such as their own advertising messages, satisfaction surveys, filtering out unwanted content and much more. Udo Kaben as operator of the Lubeck company, radio TV technician Grandmaster. Inspires confidence because he has the necessary basics that requires its activity and is recognized by the local Chamber of trade. The hotspot installation is not a problem in larger for him as master Hotels and facilities. Ersorgt that the access to the Internet is possible even under unfavourable conditions. For the operator, free hotspot quickly becomes an indispensable sales and image providers. To learn more about the free hotspot program to learn or to a free hotspot in the vicinity just a click on. or the Internet side of IT-service Sneha k is through the cooperation with the nationwide IT-service-NET, the consultancy, installation and the technical availability of hot-spot installations to ensure nationwide. The network includes over bases distributed strategically in the Federal Republic. Due to the growing demand for hot spots, strengthens his series the network and providing jobs. Interested parties are informed and trained to provide an optimal service in the target group of the interested companies. More information at, here you can find also the closest partners.