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Federal Government

The creation system was superextensive where the properties do not possuam at least surround bordering. Extrativista visa was an activity practically that the proprietors congregated the animals only one time per year for marking and sales of oxen livings creature for Manaus, AM. Of the point of view technician it was necessary of four the six hectares for each head of bovine, the natality tax varied enters 35 40% and the animals taken abate for it to the 48 55 months with 134 kg of carcass. From 1976, with the opening of the federal highway (BR 174) binding to capital Boa Vista of Roraima the Manaus, capital of Amazon more intensively initiated the process of occupation of the areas of forest in nesting projects. In 1980 it had, also, financing for opening of areas in forest for plantation with annual cultivos and pasture, as strategy used for the Federal Government for the setting of the man in lots of land in that one bioma. While in the savannah areas the phase predominated of creates, for production and sales of year-old calves weaned destined for the phases of recria and fattening in areas with pasture cultivated in the deforested areas. For 1990 return, 160 the abated bovines possuam about kg of carcass, since the base of the feeding was pasture of quicuio of the Amaznia (humidicola Brachiaria). In 2007 the mineral use of supplements was intensified, in some cases, with proteinado salt, mainly, in the period with lesser pluviomtrica precipitation occurrence, the 220 carcasses had started to reach kg..