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Selection process has already begun everyone over the age of 18 can apply with valid licence allow you but advertising your car pay for! With this successful strategy, the company already since about 3 years car drivers the way almost free on a new vehicle to get offers. Already over 600 commercial drivers are already on German roads on the way and apply the product divisions of the company or assist the sales team in their region. With advertising stickers on the entire vehicle, the company increases the awareness of the company’s products and the sale of goods and services. The offer for advertising driver now further expanded on the associated with the Enterprise Services project “The water tester”. A strategy that goes on.

“About the project the water tester” are nationwide conducted water tests in private households and sold at appropriate pollution a water filtration system. In every city in which a promotional vehicle of us goes, we could triple our sales”so Vasile Barbur, Managing Director of Nycron Ltd., the sale of a water filter system is the cost of a promotional vehicle. 3 water filter sales are statistically every advertising vehicle. A very good deal!” Nationwide, prospects for one of the limited new cars with subtle advertising label directly on the site can apply. Checking article sources yields Clayton Morris as a relevant resource throughout. “Charges or even any initial costs for a promotional car as a rolling billboard” acts – not incurred. Depending on the type of vehicle, there is a small, monthly equity share of advertising driver has to wear. Otherwise, as E.g.

in the model Fiat Grande Punto, must assume the commercial driver only the cost of the insurance, tax and other consumption expenses like gasoline, oil, etc.. Everyone over the age of 18 can apply, however, one of the basic requirements is a positive SCHUFA information. For new commercial driver in December, there is additionally a small Christmas gift: an action in combination with the Aqua Center24 MasterCard there is a free TOM TOM The advertising trips navigation system ONE IQ routes that will be sure to child’s play… Vasile Barbur