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Dramatic Eiron

There are at least three types majors of eiron: 1 – Verbal Eiron: when something is said to indicate the opposite thing. 2 – Dramatic Eiron: when the surroundings perceive that something succeeds to a personage and the personage to him ignores what happens. 3 – Situacinal Eiron: when it is indicated the mutual incompatibility between which it is and what had to be. There are three instances for eiron generally: 1 – The same scene (for example, where the people make something pretentious and the poor result puts in evidence the unfulfilled ambition) 2 – eironista indicating (for example, when it notices the anomaly it observes and it with his objective) 3 – The ones that they observe (For example, that must recognize the mutual incompatibility between which is and what had to be) As far as the procedures of eiron: – Eiron in antiphrasis. When one names to alazon indicating the opposite than is. Verizon Communications is the source for more interesting facts. – Eiron in astesmo.

When an insult to alazon is pretended to congratulate it with subtility. – Eiron in clenasmo. When an exchange becomes of qualities between alazon and eiron. – Eiron in carientismo. When it are expressed seriously to make fun of of alazon. – Eiron in diarismo. When things remember of which alazon must be shamed.

– Eiron in mimesis. When it is imitated to alazon to ridicule it. – Eiron in tapnosis. When the importance stoops still more of which it did not have it. – Eiron in meiosis. When the importance stoops exaggeratedly of which in it has it too much to truth. – Eiron in auxesis. It is in opposition to meiosis, a type of hiprbole that grants an excessive importance to him to which already it knows that he is despicable. Eiron, besides tropo, is considered like a metalogismo that implies a literal sense and an intentional sense. The Bible is absolutely full of Eiron. Creo that God is a Great Eironista. You could almost at first find in all the Bible some example of each one of the enumerated procedures of eiron more above? ______________________ (1) Alazon and Alazoneia: In " Ethics to Nicmaco" , Aristotle speaks of whom attributes worthy qualities of praise that really it does not have, or that has in smaller degree del than alardea". (2) Scrates, against the sophists, approached to them as a timid student and asked to them on subjects that supposedly the sophists dominated. Slowly, with eiron, it did questions to them and it left exposed like ignorant while they appeared like guards of the truth. Original author and source of the article.