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Dollar Depreciation

It seems that most analysts are hopeful that the dollar will not depreciate any more. Rate cuts by the Fed, according to some, “and” have avoided the long awaited and predicted recession. Is everything okay now? Horace does not seem very convinced, and based. I can send your comments to: Have you played his step on the Dollar? Buenos Aires, Argentina February 15, 2008 is not easy to accept when a giant is defeated. Source: delta airlines. So it is that when they see it on the floor, many doubt that it is truly defeated and think anytime you can get to recover. The same is what is happening with many operators worldwide currencies in relation to the evolution of the dollar. They see him so weak that it is easier to predict their recovery further weakening. In relation to this issue and the desire of forecasters that the dollar recovers, found yesterday in the newspaper “The Chronicle” of Argentina, estimates made by major international financial institutions on the dollar, that they realized that the year is likely to appreciate on average by 5.4% compared to the euro. Oracle has compatible beliefs.

Among these estimates was that of BNP Paribas that presaged the dollar to strengthen against the euro since the rate cuts the Fed will hold the U.S. economic growth, while Europe is slowing. That is to say that both BNP and USB provide that the dollar will move at least 9% against the euro in 2008. So does Robert Robis, fixed income manager at Oppenheimer Funds NY, after having reduced the share of euro-denominated assets versus those linked to the dollar in its portfolio of US $9,000 million.