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The role of dental enamel is to protect the part of either progressive attrition over time and use as well as the consumption of abrasive products in excess. The enamel is thicker can more easily hide the tone of the dentin, but in cases where the enamel is thin, for example after an abuse or excess home tooth whitening or older person. Another point to consider is that dogs naturally have thicker dentin due to the ancestral function that must be satisfied by it with the darkest of all dentures. When making homemade teeth whitening try to be rational and not wait for the tooth reaches the color of the rest of your teeth. Home tooth whitening: First, it is essential to begin to take greater precautions against the consumption of certain foods, the more abrasive way to eliminating the following closer to reaching a burning smile will come across. Consumer contraindicated for people who want good results in their home dental treatment: coffee, black tea, wine, soft drinks due to their high sugar content and crazy (mainly the tail), snuff, foods high in sugar and coloring and confectionery. At the same time will be necessary to be consistent in the accompanying oral hygiene to keep the color achieved through their home whitening: Brush your teeth three times a day is essential, always use toothpastes that contain abrasives excess, ie those recommended by dentists if it is mainly those who are called bleaching, use use Journal of thread or dental floss to deepen your denture hygiene. .