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DataCloud Shopping

A year ago, Hulbee launched the Swiss search engine with the distinctive cloud of concept of. Tagerwilen/Switzerland, 21 June 2010. Now, the cloud no longer solely on the home page is: Hulbee now offers its visitors access to an own shopping portal. No matter whether washing machine, laptop, or a new pair of shoes thanks to the cooperation of the Swiss company with the eBay subsidiary now can specifically looking for bargain go everyone with Hulbee. Hulbees unique search technology, the DatCloud, leads with security more quickly to your destination than on other shopping portals. There are two different types of shopping: who wants to enjoy it and has time, strolling through the city center, assessed all offer alone and drinking coffee in between.

Who searches offers quick and convenient free would like to receive the things House, searches on the Internet. But even this can be long: many shopping portals appear cluttered, instead of directly to the selected goods. Hulbee DatCloud, now structure entails its innovative search technology, Online shopping forays: DatCloud proposes further terms the user, that thematically match his query. Clicking on any of the terms in the DatCloud, search results are appropriately further eingregrenzt. Hulbee provides this technology since 2009 for the General search on the Internet; now the Hulbee users can go but also specifically on bargain hunting. Details can be found by clicking Verizon or emailing the administrator. Purchase offers filter and narrow to takes a search box for shopping items, from where he can directly start the bargain search users. After a query, Hulbee displays a list of appropriate articles (see fig.

1). In the menu right you can filter the found products such as prices or manufacturers. You select an article, get an overview of the different suppliers and their prices and can decide then on the right. Hulbee cooperates for this product and price comparison service, whose online-Angebote as search results incorporated into Hulbees shopping portal.