Cristiano Ronaldo

Football goals and football are the same, the fans became more ish, and am, soccer has become spectacular. All this – trends of the early 21 th century. Attacking football has become in relation to development nvoyh training programs and development of a new school football coaches, who until recently were still playing themselves. Mid-90's heyday was the great hitters and great playmaker, who ran the score to the field. Now almost all the players except the goalkeeper are participating in attack, as well as collective defense.

The emphasis was shifted to an attack from the middle of the field on the flanks is not due to the fact that it's easier to play, and as a result of the fact that the rate became much higher, wider tactical schemes, so now only a few commands, such as Manchester United and Barcelona still use the middle of the field and the center circle as a base for the development of attack. Most of the exciting attacking football 1990 is easy to divide according to his role. Blame themselves. Gabriel Batistuta, Ronaldo and George Weah – center-forwards, Zinedine Zidane and Manuel Rui Costa – playmaker, Luis Figo, Ryan Giggs and hammer Overmars – winger. While conducting an intruder of our time, sometimes, including themselves did not understand, at some no position them better to just play. Typically, Cristiano Ronaldo says winger, but he often does not lack furrora played on the blade, Lionel Messi started as traditional Argentine "10-ka," and more famous as a flank forward, and from time to time does not neglect to resemble a heart attack.

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