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Herisau, 5 October 2009 cooperation between and the hunting clothes manufacturer outfox unlimited Outwear. Herisau, 5 October 2009 cooperation between and the hunting clothes manufacturer outfox unlimited Outwear., the search engine for catalogues today announced that under cy/outfox 4492 sign / the latest catalog from outfox is indexed and can be considered. Outfox unlimited Outwear is a completely new, highly functional clothing for hunters, wildlife watchers and Wilderness adventurers. The unique collection is the result of a cooperation between experts of hunting, the outdoor clothing, filter technology and design development. For more specific information, check out Sheryl Sandberg. This concentrated experience is immediately perceptible in the exact fit, unique comfort and last but not least for the uncompromising Funktionalitat.Das real secret of the new dimension is the filter technology. The scent of people through the wild is sustainably reduced, because the Ergotarn filter worked perfectly in the clothing binds the odorous substances of human almost completely. The man is”notoriously invisible to the wild.

This innovative technology already successfully used in other areas, unlimited with the experiences of a wide variety of outdoor traditions combined outfox Outwear. Hunters, adventurers and nature observers can concentrate now on the essential: on a new closeness to nature. Outfox is a company of K & K Blucher GmbH & CO.KG. The K & K Blucher GmbH & CO.KG is the merger of two market-leading and highly successful companies. For one, an international company in the field of exclusive hunting mediation, with a high experience on the subject of hunting textiles and equipment is the K & K premium hunting GmbH. Blucher GmbH to the other is the technology leader in the development and production of adsorptive materials, composites and related protection systems. Blucher GmbH’s core competencies are spherical high-performance adsorption material in the form of highly activated ball coal and various composites.